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Craft House Coffee - Ethiopia [DECAF]

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Gidey Berthe's farm in the Limu Kossa region of Ethiopia




Washed and Decaffeinated


1840 - 2130 masl

Roast Profile


Craft House

Notes of Mandarin, Hazelnut and Chocolate

Coffee Facts

Located far in the West of Ethiopia in an area known as Limu Kossa, where farmer and landowner Gidey Berthe grows coffee on a 350 hectare farm at between 1840-2130 masl. The farm is meticulously maintained, from the trees to the signs dividing the lot sections. The land was once wild forest and has been thinned slightly to accommodate the coffee, but the feeling of quiet solitude pervades amongst the native trees.

The coffee is picked by 400 seasonal workers employed during harvest season. At the farm's collection station, green cherries are sorted out before their bags are weighed for payment. The green cherries are dried as naturals and sold to the local market.