Craft House Coffee - Tanzania

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500 farmers of the Iyenga AMCOS co-operative in the district of Mbozi within the Mbeya region of Tanzania 


Yellow Kent, N39




1950 masl

Roast Profile


Craft House

Notes of Blackcurrant, Orange & Liquorice

Coffee Facts

Iyenga Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Society (Iyenga AMCOS) was registered in 2003 under the Tanzanian cooperative act. The cooperative deals only with coffee and collects from more than 500 farmers within the Mbeya region (primarily within the district of Mbozi). Of these 500 farmers, around 191 are registered members of the cooperative

Lyenga AMCOS is known within the region as very well - organised, with one of its greatest strengths being its committed board members. Leaders come into power through democratic election: all farmers who are members of the cooperative have right to vote for the person they'd like to be in power, and every farmer has the right to contend for a board member position. Group leaders encourage women and young people to participate in coffee agriculture activities and in all cooperative activities. When the group first registered, there were only 64 members, all of whom were male. Now, of the group’s 193 members, 17 are female!