Curious Roo - Peru

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20 smallholder farmers near Jaen in the Cajamarca region of Peru


Typica, Catuai & Pache




1500 - 1800 masl

Roast Profile


Tasting Notes

Notes of Forest Fruits and Black Tea

Coffee Facts

SCA Score - 84

Very close to where some coffee farms sit in Jaen, there is a hidden 50-metre
waterfall which is named Velo de Novia, because the water falls and forms the shape of a beautiful bride veil. To visit this waterfall, people go past beautiful landscapes, rice
plantations, and coffee farms and then, after a 15-minute hike, there is a perfect view of this stunning natural formation. The waters of this stream are born in the mountains of Los Romerillos region and the fall of this water has created big pools throughout the years, giving the cascade the curves and the shape of the bride veil.

Coffee growers of Velo de Novia are very humble and they have all come from the
Sierra in search of land to produce coffee, a product deeply connected with their culture. Their farms are located on a region where the different elevations create a diversity of microclimates in the whole region as well as the natural reserves that surround the farms, helping these producer protect the diversity and the local environment of their farms.