Curious Roo - Rwanda

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1150 farmers at the Rugali washing station near Lake Kivu in the Nyamasheke District of Rwanda






1550 - 1800 masl

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Curious Roo

Notes of Raisins, Vanilla & Milk Chocolate

Coffee Facts

Built in April 2016, Rugali coffee washing station sees an annual production of approximately 54,000kg of milled green coffee each year. The drying conditions at Rugali are ideal for ensuring optimal post-pulp drying, where coffee is laid on the drying beds between 12pm and 3pm, to ensure maximum exposure to the sun during the warmest time of the day.

It is managed by Radjab Mvuyekure and has 4 full time staff supporting a farming family of over 1150 farmers.

A short 30 minutes’ drive South from Kilimbi you will arrive at Rugali coffee washing station (CWS). Rugali is by far our biggest and busiest CWS hence nicknamed “The Big Daddy”.

Rugali is also located at the shores of Lake Kivu and is surrounded by the thousand hills of Rwanda. Every Wednesday you will witness and experience the true feeling of real Rwandese culture and farm life as the Rugali markets take place. Cows, goats, chickens, pigs and fish are all brought in using various forms of transport by the local community for trading. Further to this, an abundance of organic fresh fruits and vegetables are also sold at these markets.

Rugali in its short existence has gone from being a small CWS to one of the most respected and impactful in its community. This comes down to the tireless efforts of our Brother Radjab and our Rugali families.