Danelaw - Honduras Traditional

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Rosely Hernandez's Finca Terra Nuova farm in the Ocotopeque region of Honduras


Pacas & Catuai




1650 masl

Roast Profile


Tasting Notes

Notes of Dark Chocolate, Red Grape and Caramel

Coffee Facts

I met Rosely in the spring of 2018, as she was one of the hosts when I visited Ocotopeque where she is based. She is a member of AMPROCAL, a women’s co-operative founded in 2007 in Pashapa La Labor. It’s in Western Honduras, bordering Guatemala and El Salvador, so it’s a corner of Central America that produces coffees I really enjoy. Originally, the co-op was founded by just 8 women, with a goal to strengthen the presence of female producers in the area. It’s since grown to 86 members.

This coffee is a microlot from the co-operative, taken from Rosely’s farm, Finca Terra Nuova (new land). The farm is a family effort. Rosely and her husband work the farm and Rosely herself is responsible for marketing. When I spoke to her about launching her coffee, she said: “I want to cry with emotion, It’s my dream come true”

This coffee is a selection of Catimor varietals. These are plants which are descended from a rare hybrid between Arabica and Robusta. As a result, they are resistant to many pests and diseases, including the dreaded leaf rust.

This coffee is perfect for those who enjoy their coffee with some body, structure and intensity - it forms the backbone to many of our espresso blends, and it’s the ideal platform for coffee with a touch of milk