Dear Green - Guatemala

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David Rodriguez's Santa Marta farm in Jalapa region of South West Guatemala


Red Bourbon




1800 - 2200 masl

Roast Profile


Dear Green

Notes of Cherry, Dark Chocolate and Marzipan

Coffee Facts

David Rodriguez is the second-generation coffee producer on this farm. He started with about 20 manzanas (a manzana is about 0.7 hectares) and slowly grew his farm to the 45.5 hectare it is today.

Due to the high altitude of the farm, many people believed it was almost impossible to succeed on this land. Through making use of the natural spring water and loamy clay soils, David has shown that he can produce excellent quality coffee and has now been able to increase the volume of total production to meet demand.

At the moment, the coffee is sun dried on patios and he does the de-pulping at another farm. This will soon change as he is in the process of constructing his own wet mill.