Direct Trade Christmas Box 3 ASSORTED Coffees (FREE CHRISTMAS DELIVERY)


Direct Trade is an important vehicle for improving the lives of coffee growing communities, as well as the quality of the coffee you receive - Take a look at our article on Direct Trade to understand more.

We are passionate about this issue, we present our special Direct Trade only Christmas Box - shipping on 19th December.

The coffee:

  • Coffee #1 - Vagabond, Colombia (Finca La Lomita) -  Espresso/Filter
  • Coffee #2 - Keen, Brazil (Jaguara Farm) - Espresso
  • Coffee #3 - Island Roasted (Finca Los Mangos) - Espresso/Filter

What's Included?

  • Freshly Roasted Whole bean coffee
  • Tasting notes on all coffee included
  • All our One Time boxes are sent in recycled packaging
  • Free Christmas Delivery

Subscribers PLEASE NOTE you will be offered this box as your January Shipment (however will be shipped before the Christmas Holidays, and your next box will arrive in February!! Look out for the email)