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Drippy Tulip Cup Blue - by Fangfoss - 100ml


Fangfoss Pottery 

All pots are individually hand made and finished using glazes prepared at the pottery. They are fired to 1,280 degrees C in a gas kiln, which produces some unusual effects and colours in the glazes.

All the pots are individually hand-made using stoneware clay, either on the wheel or by hand modelling, and finished using glazes developed by us.
The pots are fired twice – the second firing reaches 1280C.  During this firing process the atmosphere in the gas kiln is “reduced” and this enhances the colour and effects of the glazes.

This exclusive hand-thrown ceramic coffee cup has been hand crafted for us by Fangfoss Pottery right here in North Yorkshire.


Volume - 100ml 

Height -6 cm

Diameter - 7cm