Fathers - Ethiopia

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Neguess Degel's Chelbessa and Danche washing stations near Gedeb in the Gedeo region of Ethiopia


JARC Selections and Local Landrace




1975 masl

Roast Profile

Filter / Espresso


Notes of Mango, Peach and Floral

Coffee Facts

This coffee comes from the Gedeb area in the southern-most part of the Gedeo region.

The Worka Chelbessa community has been known for producing high-quality coffee for the past decade.

For producer Neguess Degel, it was therefore one of the first areas where he wanted to invest. In 2017, he started operating the first station in Worka Chelbessa, and soon after, in 2019, he bought another washing station nearby in a small area called Danche.

Both of his stations consistently produce excellent coffees. They are unique in that you will find juicy sweet and full body as well as lighter citrus and floral tones, which you will otherwise find more for lighter and less sweet coffees.