Five Rings - Brazil

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The Montanari Family's Patrocinio farm in the Cerrado, Minas Gerais region of Brazil






950 - 1150 masl

Roast Profile


Five Rings

Notes of Ferrero Rocher, Milk Chocolate and Brazil Nut

Coffee Facts

This Brazillian coffee is grown by a small family business which has ambitious plans to become carbon neutral, a revolutionary prospect for most artisanal coffee producers.

Grown from the Rubi coffee shrub this hybrid variety produces perfect sweetness, low acidity and a deep complexity in the cup. It's best to start this coffee as an espresso, add milk to enhance the flavours crafting the perfect flat white. French press or stovetop would also be an ideal brewing method.

Why did we call this coffee “Blind Faith”? The story begins in Rio de Janerio during the aftermath of the Olympic Games. To find out more, the full story is included in your order.