Fortitude - Colombia [DECAF]

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Villages in the Cauca region of Colombia




Washed & Sugarcane E.A. Decaffeinated


1650 - 1820 masl

Roast Profile



Notes of Sweet Apple, Citrus & Caramel

Coffee Facts

Unusually for the industry, this coffee is sourced prior to Decaffeination. This means that the highest quality water and Ethyl Acetate can be used during Decaffeination. This lot has been chosen from lots by four growers in the villages of Potrerito, Cerro Alto, Santa Rosa and El Gaucio. The coffee is picked and depulped the same day then generally fermented dry for 16-28 hours. It is washed three to four times then dried in Parabolic dryers before being taken for Decaffeination.

Natural Ethyl Acetate derived from sugar cane in Palmira, Colombia is combined with fresh spring water to strip caffeine from the coffee. Sugar cane decaffeination is an FDA approved chemical-free process. No additions of foreign substances come in contact with the coffee and the original flavour characteristics remain even after 97% of the caffeine is removed