Fortitude - Peru

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Brand Fortitude

El Sauce co-operative in the San Ignacio district of the Cajamarca region of Peru 






1600 - 2000 masl

Roast Profile



Notes of Mango and Cherry Cola

Coffee Facts

SCA Score - 84.25

This lot is a blend of coffees that come from 26 different producers, most of whom are from the Huabal district. The average farm size amongst these producers is 1.5 hectares and the main varieties they grow are caturra, catimor and bourbon. Most of these producers dry their coffee on plastic mats on the ground, much like patio drying.

Day lots of coffees from producers all over Cajamarca were purposefully blended together based on cup profile, one typical of the region. All of the day lots come from the early part of the harvest in high altitude areas, which were processed and dried on the producers’ farms. Most producers in Northern Peru have their own hand pulping machine and fermentation tank where they process the coffee, before drying it on their patio or raised beds. Once the coffees have been processed, farmers deliver them as parchment to the Falcon warehouse in Jaen, where they are graded, analysed for moisture content, roasted and cupped.