Friedhats - Ethiopia Bombe



Smallholders around the Bombe mountain valley in the Sidama region of Ethiopia


Setami, Mikicho, 72/158 & 74/110




1900 masl

Roast Profile


Tasting Notes

Notes of Funky Strawberry and Milk Chocolate

Coffee Facts

The long wait is over. The Fresh harvest from Bombe washing station in Sidama is back in stock!

Bombe is actually one of three washing stations owned by the Daye Bensa group. The other two - Shantawene and Keramo are also famous for the quality and quantity of coffee they produce.

The floated cherries are taken to mesh screens to drain excess moisture for a quick 2 to 4 hour cycle. They are then moved to the mesh drying tables, where the target depth is just 1 cherry. It is very difficult and risky to properly dry coffee in full fruit, as it is easily susceptible to over fermentation and mould development. For this reason, high quality naturals require very rigorous turning and hand sorting. Under the shaded mesh, the drying cycle is about 20-22 days.

At the Bombe site, every drying bed [consists] of a very high quality mesh for excellent airflow. Above the beds are a canopy of shaded mesh of the same materials as the drying tables.