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Fuglen - Nicaragua

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Gloria Rivas and Hubert Aguilar's farm in the Mozonte region of Nicaragua






1400 - 1700 masl

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Notes of Lemon, Red Grape and Chestnut

Coffee Facts

SCA Score - 86

Gloria Rivas and her husband Huibert Aguilar bought their first plot of land in
Mozonte in 2000. Little by little they expanded, and now own 28 manzanas

Only a small part of this land, about 6 manzanas, is planted with coffee,
The rest is natural forest that allows a rich diversity of birds and animals to thrive.
Thanks to the height and through good practices, diseases like leaf rust are rare.
Each year they learn how to improve their quality with good maintenance. The
farm is managed by Huibert, but there is no question that Gloria Rivas is the
boss. There are 3 permanent workers and at harvest time they employ up to
20 people.

This is a fully washed coffee. Cherries are picked ripe, depulped, fermented for
12-15 hours and washed on the farm, then dried on african beds for 15 days at
Cafetos de Segovia dry mill in Ocotal.

We buy this coffee directly with help from Per Nordby.