Gentlemen Baristas - Deerstalker Blend

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Blend from El Salvador, Brazil and Sumatra. 







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Gentlemen Baristas

Notes of Dark Chocolate and Brazil Nuts

Coffee Facts

El Salvador

Since 1985, El Borbollon mill has been processing only the best quality coffees in El Salvador. El Borbollon has continued the Alvarez family time honored tradition of growing, milling and exporting the finest coffees in the country. This lots comes mainly from Bourbon variety that are cultivated on the 13Bou. The excellent growing conditions and the commitment to developing sustainable practices has helped us to harvest the best coffee cherries. All of the coffee is shade grown coffee with flawless processing techniques that brings a delightful Salvadoran coffee profile in the cup. This lots were dried in clay patios with careful control to achieve the ideal moisture content at the final drying phase.


Wander da Silva Guerra was born and raised in a rural area near Piumhi, Minas Gerais. After more than 30 years producing coffee and at 87 years old, he still leaves home every single day at 6am. With his lunchbox in hand he goes to his farms and works on the coffee trees with his employees.


Permata Gayo was established after the conflict in Aceh and registered on 15th March 2006. In November 2007 the cooperative gardens of all 468 members were Organic Certified (USDA/NOP,EU).Since 4th June 2008 the cooperative has been Fairtrade Certified. And in Nov 2008 Permata Gayo applied its own Organic certificate to new farmers.