Goat Story - Burundi

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Farmers at the Rubanda Washing station in the Mutambu region of Burundi






1800 masl

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Goat Story

Notes of Cherry, Coffee Blossom, Raisin and Raspberry

Coffee Facts

SCA Score - 83.25

The Ntobo Farmers group consist of around 400 members, from the surrounding hillside delivering coffee in their groups to be processed, wet milled, fermented and conditioned prior to dry milling. There are up to 10,000 farmers in the region in total delivering coffee from their small holdings (typically less than 1 hectare in size, with around 200 active producing trees on each one)

The private mill is managed by a local organization – Risca SA, who’s attention to detail and quality is showing results. They have been managing the private mill since 2010. Hand sorting of collected and delivered cherries is crucial prior to washing (and the 2-stage fermentation) to ensure only the ripest cherries are processed.

It is handpicked from August 'til October at an altitude of 1800m and because of the mountainous landscape, there is a lot of manual labour needed to pick the coffee, transport it down the mountain and process it.