Heart and Graft - 60 / 40

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60% Brazil Monte Carmelo / 40% India Rosedale Estate


Catuai & Mundo Novo / Hemavathi & Sachimore


Pulped Natural / Washed



Roast Profile


Heart and Graft

Cocoa, Bonfire Toffee & Brown Sugar

Coffee Facts

Named after the ratio of it's constituent beans, this is a blend for those who want a big old cup of chocolatey goodness. Heavy bodied, sweet, chocolatey and uncomplicated. Kind of like team H&G.

The Brazilian Monte Carmelo offers it's countries signature flavours. Expect notes of chocolate, caramelised nuts and big bonfire toffee sweetness. The pulped natural process allows some of the funkier flavours to shine through as some of the cherry is allowed to dry onto the bean giving a very soft fruited edge to the blend.

The Indian Rosedale packs a punch and gives a huge body, adding big cocoa notes, as well as a great mouthfeel. The washed process of the coffee imparts a great balance to the blend, offering a cleaner and crisper finish.