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Las 3 Naruas farm from the El Cerron community in the Marcala region of Honduras near La Paz


Icatu & Catuai




1560 masl

Roast Profile


Heart and Graft

Boozy Xmas Pud, Peach, Candied Pineapple and Vanilla

Coffee Facts

Las 3 Marias is the "first baby" of Miriam Perez and Rodolfo Peñalba. When we asked Miriam the age of the farm, she remembered it using the date of birth of their elder daughter as reference point. 1995 was the year were the young married couple started their coffee journey together. 

Finca "Las 3 Marias" is placed at the community "El Cerrón" located at 1560 meters above sea level where you can also enjoy the fresh taste and smell of the peaches planted across the farm; no wonder why you can lively notice this flavour when sipping Las 3 Marias’ coffee. 

The coffee from Las 3 Marias is organically grown. One of the main motivations of Miriam for choosing organic farming practices is her deep commitment to look after the rivers, the forest, the birds, the nature, all rounded the cycle of life; or "Espiral de la vida" (Spiral of life) as Miriam called it. 

Likewise, Miriam explains how the climate change is affecting the existence of coffee plantations which reconfirms her thoughts in the need of the creation of micro climates by reforesting the woods. Finca Las 3 Marias is renovated year after year, Miriam has dedicated herself to plant constantly wooden trees, a practice that you can notice in her nursery filled with baby coffee and wood trees. 

While Miriam shares the story of Las 3 Marias, is noteworthy to hear Rodolfo remembering his wife about her strong involvement with the promotion of gender equality, which is one of the reasons why her coffee holds the certification "Coffee with woman’s hands", a matter that has always being at Miriam's top interests. 

Miriam Perez holds a degree in Agricultural Engineering, but furthermore her passion for the nature and coffee is truly connected to her memories and love to her grandfather, who inherited her the land where Las 3 Marias coffee comes from. 

“Las 3 Marias” is part of “Finca Clave de Sol”, the family compendium of coffee farms where a common vision is supported by all the family members. To read more about it, you can follow this link: http://www.comsa.hn/finca-biodinamica-clave-sol/ 

Natural process methodology

1. Our pickers bring with them two baskets, one to pick only 100% ripe cherries and another for unripe and black cherries, or any another damage fruit

2. At the end of the picking day, the baskets with the ripe cherries are spread on raised beds for second selection process that normally takes 2 hours

3. After the coffee has been double selected, the cherries are taken to the drying area to be sun dried for a period of 15 to 22 days. Within this process the coffee cherries are constantly moved, every 15 minutes

4. Once the coffee is at 11.5% moisture content level, then we bagged it and transport to COMSA’s speciality coffees warehouse. 

5. At COMSA’s speciality coffees warehouse, the coffee is prepared to be exported. Part of this process includes, passing the coffee on screen size, manual selection to take out all the damages, pack it on GrainPro bags, marking the jute sacks, pack, weight the coffee and finally loading it on the container to start the journey to the buyer.