Hoppenworth and Ploch Box 3 ASSORTED Coffees (FREE DELIVERY)


This month we are importing coffee from Hoppenworth and Ploch - a fantastic roaster based in Frankfurt, Germany.

If you are not a subscriber and want to try great coffee, then this is an opportunity to taste three different styles of coffee from a European roaster (including a Direct Trade coffee from Tanzania). Shipping approx 22th February.

The Coffee
  • Coffee #1 - Hoppenworth and Ploch, Tanzania Direct Trade (Amkeni) -  Filter Roast
  • Coffee #2 - Hoppenworth and Ploch, Ethiopia (Nano Chala) - Filter Roast
  • Coffee #3 - Hoppenworth and Ploch, Natural Blend (Brazil / Ethiopia) - Espresso Roast
What's Included?
  • Freshly Roasted Whole bean coffee
  • Tasting notes on all coffee included
  • All our One Time boxes are sent in recycled packaging
  • Free Delivery

Subscribers PLEASE NOTE you can purchase these coffees individually from the Members Area of the website.