Hoppenworth and Ploch - Tanzania - Single Origin - Direct Trade

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Amkeni coffee group in Mwika near Marangu at the foot of Kilimanjaro






1800 masl

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Hoppenworth and Ploch

Flavour notes of Toffee and Vanilla with aroma of Rhubarb. 

Coffee Facts

This is Hoppenworth and Ploch's first Direct Trade coffee, and is the third year they have worked with this farm.

The Amkeni coffee group is in de lane road in Mwika. The city is located near the larger town of Marangu directly at the foot of Kilimanjaro and on the border with Kenya. The coffee is the Bourbon varietal and grows at approximately 1800 metres on the mineral soil of the volcano.

After the harvest, the coffee is washed processed, so it is pulped and washed for 48 hours in fermentation tanks. It is initially covered pre-drying and then dried on African beds.

All of these factors deliver a cup of coffee from Tanzania that has very complex aromas and is reminiscent of coffees from Kenya. However, it has more sweetness and body, which is likely related with the variety (Bourbon), among others.

This coffee has been used by Matthias Hoppenworth in the past during the German Brewers Cup (where he came 4th).