Horsham Coffee - Colombia [DECAF]

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Smallholder farmers in the town of San Augustin in the Huila region of Coombia


Castillio and Caturra


Washed and E.A. Decaffeinated


1600 - 1800 masl

Roast Profile



Floral notes of Peach and Chocolate

Coffee Facts

This Colombian Coffee comes from small hold farmers that live in San Agustin, Huila. They grow Castillio and Caturra at an altitude of 1600-1800m. Quite often sub standard coffee is selected for decaffeinate relating in a product that is noticeably inferior to good specialty coffee. In this case the coffee has been selected at origin for its quality and then decaffeinated at the E.A. Sugarcane facility in Colombia using locally grown sugarcane. The results are excellent and this particular decaf has great tasting notes of chocolate and peach.

This Colombian Coffee has been decaffeinated using the sugarcane process. The solvent used to remove the caffeine is created by fermenting sugarcane grown in Colombia.