Hot Roasted Love - Nicaragua

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The Cerro de Jesus farm at Jalapa in the Nueva Segovia region of Nicaragua


Ethiosar F1




1300 masl

Roast Profile


Hot Roasted Love

Notes of Lemon Tea, Jasmine and Coffee Blossom - Floral and Fruity

Coffee Facts

Beautifully balanced - sweet, juicy and floral.

The Peralta family runs Farm Cerro de Jesús in the mountains of Jalapa Nueva Segovia. The farm is unique in the different microclimates, different varieties and in the history of making great coffee.

Every year, the different plots (forest-like plots with plenty of shady trees, up to high plots that can cope with very little pruned shade trees) produce very interesting coffees.

We are lucky to offer you the Microlot "Don David", of which there are only 138kg in the current crop.