Ineffable Coffee - Kenya

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Brand Ineffable

Cooperative members in the Nyeri and Kirinyaga north of Nairaobi in Kenya


SL28 & SL34




1750 masl

Roast Profile



Orange, Brown Sugar and Floral

Coffee Facts

The coffee industry in the Nyeri and Kirinyaga regions, north of Nairobi, is famous for its cooperative system of producing, processing and auctioning its coffee.

Around 70% of Kenyan coffee is grown on small farms and by independent farmers.  The independent coffee producer is usually part of a local cooperative society which has different processing plants at its disposal.  The coffee of these independent small farmers is transported and processed in the facilities.  Then, it goes to the sales agents of the cooperative, they auction the coffee in the national market where it is bought by exporters and so the chain continues until it reaches our hands.