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Ineffable Coffee - Peru

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Brand Ineffable

Marcel Olivera's farm in the village of San Jose de Lourdes in the Nuevo Trujillo region of Peru.






1750 masl

Roast Profile



Nectarine, Honey and Cream

Coffee Facts

Marcial Olivera is the owner of a small farm of 3 hectares in the Nuevo Trujillo village of San Jose de Lourdes.

Caturra and Bourbon are grown on the farm. This specific batch has been dry fermented and dried in a covered canvas patio.

San Jose de Lourdes has a very different climate compared to other districts in Jaén and San Ignacio. It is much colder and has a higher intensity of rainfall, which provides a unique profile in the cup with many citrus fruits and a curious buttery body.

Although there is a lot of potential to produce high quality coffees in San Jose, the area is very isolated and far from the city of Jaén, as a result, many local producers are forced to sell their crops to intermediaries for very low prices.

The Falcon team has been working in the area for years to improve the conditions of these producers, helping them to improve their quality and ensuring a fair price for their crops, improving the quality of life of the producers and the quality of the coffee.

At Ineffable we are pleased to support this project and hope to see more and better of this region in the future.