Island Roasted - Honduras - Single Origin

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Finca Los Mangos farm in the Ocotepeque region of Honduras.


Pacas & Catuai




1200 masl

Island Roasted

A chocolatey coffee with honey sweetness, creamy body and crisp acidity

Coffee Facts

This coffee is part of an initiative from one of our green bean suppliers to match growers with roasters to form direct trade relationships which benefit the grower in the form of getting the highest price for their coffee (considerably more than the FAIRTRADE rate), and the roaster by gaining exclusivity to some amazing micro lot coffees that may have otherwise been mixed with other coffees in co ops.  This is truly sustainable trade!  This is the third year we have been working with this farm and this years crop is even better than last.

Leidy Chinchilla inherited the farm from her grandmother, her main income is from coffee but she also produces fruit such as bananas, limes and mangos.   She grows Pacas and Catui varietals which are shade grown at around 1200masl in rich volcanic soil.  When at optimum ripeness, cherries are carefully picked by hand, and are transported to COCAFELOL where they are wet processed for 24hours. Drying is in greenhouses, mechanical driers and patios.