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Jokes Aside Coffee - Lizardo Herrera Orange Colombia [FILTER] - Czech Republic


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Guest International Jokes Aside Coffee 

Producer: Lizardo Herrera
Region, city: Huila, Palestina
Processing: Fed-batch ferm., washed
Cultivar: Orange Colombia

Recommended rest period before brewing: 2-3 weeks from the roast date.

Violets – fresh lime – plum jam

Lizardo Herrera's coffee is another lot we purchased from our friend Herbert
Peñaloza from LaREB this year. LaREB is a collective of producers ho
represent themselves on the global market and they are able to set their own
prices, profit sharing, as well as they can clearly define their level of
involvement in the export/import.

Lizardo has been producing high quality coffees for years and he fully
embraces organic farming practices. As a fertilizer, he uses the compost he
made himself and he's a certified beekeeper too. He has several hives on the
farm. There are a lot of shade trees that are more than 50 years old.
The farm is a beautiful ecosystem - the bees benefit from the shade of the old
trees and lack of pesticides and the coffee benefits from the pollination. This lot
is a fed-batch washed process - 4 picking days mixed, 48h in husk dry resting,
60h dry fermentation in tank, low temperature mechanical drying. The coffee
absolutely surprised us, as is tastes and smells like a washed Ethiopian coffee,
with all its florality, sugar sweetness, citric notes and brightness. As the cup
cools down, you'll get a broader spectrum of floral notes and sweet citric flavors
which reminds us of lime, pomelo and orange.