Keen - Uganda FILTER [roasted 26/07]



Produced by 500 smallholders at the Kingha Estate washing station, located in the region of Kinungo, Uganda


SL-34, SL-18 and SL-28


Natural Anaerobic


1300 -1550 masl

Roast Profile


Tasting Notes

Notes of blueberry, dark chocolate, pear, liquor-filled bonbon, black cherry & rum raisin

Coffee Facts

Producers and spouses, Wildan and Atieq, started their family-run coffee project in Sindangkerta, Indonesia, This is the second consecutive year that we get to roast this power bean for you. It did undergo a small name change, however. You might know this bean as Bwindi, but – like many celebrities who see their star rise – it changed its name to match its fame (and the estate from where it hails: the Kingha Estate). This lot is the result of our trader, Nordic Approach, working closely together with the owner of the estate, Kingsley Griffin. Together, they’ve worked on the development of different experimental protocols and built on the experiments that got the best results.

The Kingha Estate is run by Canadian-born school teacher, Kingsley Griffin. A couple of years back, he went on a gorilla walkabout in the remote and almost impenetrable Bwindi national park of Uganda and he made a life changing decision right there and then: he was going to become a coffee farmer. After some growing pains, Kingha Estate doubles as a washing station for small scale farmers (outgrowers) in the Kanungu District. He wants to improve their income and make sure that they’re the first to benefit from their hard work and dedication.

What’s extra special about the Kingha Estate, however, is the fact that they have been applying for grants to build a water-powered solution, which is meant to provide electricity to local schools and a church. Thanks Kingsley, you rock!