Kiss the Hippo - Donna Blend [Roast Date: 09/11/23]



50% Brazil, Caldas

50% Colombia, Popayán




Pulped Natural & Washed



Roast Profile


Tasting Notes

Notes of Dark Chocolate, Caramel and Pecan

Coffee Facts

The Donna espresso blend is our nod towards a more traditional coffee flavour. We find coffees that have the inherent characteristics of deep chocolate, with low acidity and lots of body. We then roast a little darker than our other coffees, to the point where the natural sugars are browned to a dark caramel quality. Donna tastes robust and strong but still allows the natural characteristics of the Brazil Caldas and Colombia Popayan to shine through.

The Brazilian coffee Caldas in this blend comes from the 3Brothers, a group of producers who came together after seeing so many of their neighbours unable to break through to the speciality market. This is a regional lot built from a group of producers who were all creating coffees with lots of chocolate flavour, with a great balance and nuttiness.

The Colombian coffee in this version of Donna is called Popayán, named after the coffee’s growing region. The coffee comes from another group of producers working under the name Cofinet, all small scale farmers growing the same cultivars, mainly castillo and caturra. This uniformity in growing means the Popayan lot tastes massively of caramel and toffee.