KOPKOPI - Indonesia Black Honey [EXTRA BAG]



Prouduced by a number of farms on the island of Flores in collaboration with Tuang Cafe, in Manggarai, Indonesia.  


Kartika II


Black Honey   


1500 masl

Roast Profile



Notes of dried apples, coconut sugar, jasmine tea

Coffee Facts

Introducing a novelty from our own exclusive import from Indonesia - a coffee collaboration with the unique Tuang cafe in Jakarta, which for years has been working with its farmers on the island of Flores.⁣⁣

Coffee imported in collaboration with the hip & unique Tuang cafe in Jakarta, which for many years has been closely collaborating with its farmers on the island of Flores. In local Manggarai language Tuang means king and with that they aim to serve coffee worthy of royalty. Their legendary Black honey process coffee, results in a richly flavoured coffee like no other.

By buying this coffee you support the development of fair trade and simple importation, without unnecessary middlemen along the way. We shorten the coffee's journey - from the farm to the cup - so that it gets into your hands as quickly as possible.

Shipping with the September sub