KOPKOPI - Indonesia Natural Anaerobic [EXTRA BAG]



Prouduced by Puntang Coffee in West Java, Indonesia.  


Sunda Typica


Natural Anaerobic 


1400-1680 masl

Roast Profile



Notes of  tropical fruit, sugar molasses, carrot cake, wine.  

Coffee Facts

We partnered up with Nieczapla to bring perfection to this roast to assure you get the best out of our own exclusive import.

An amazingly aromatic and wonderfully surprising anaerobically fermented natural coffee (natural anaerobic process) from the slopes of Mount Puntang in West Java, which is a pure tropical fruits explosion in your mouth. ⁣

Sunda is a local varietal that created the saying "Cup of Java" in the 18th century. From these ancient bushes grows the highest quality coffee, achieving a score of 90.75 SCAI. ⁣Our beans come from Mr Irwansyah Kamaluddin, who's the owner and processor at Puntang Coffee.⁣

By buying this coffee you support the development of fair trade and simple importation, without unnecessary middlemen along the way. We shorten the coffee's journey - from the farm to the cup - so that it gets into your hands as quickly as possible.

Shipping with the September sub.