Libby Ballard Travel Mug (Midnight Blue) - 400ml (14oz)


Hand Thrown Ceramic Travel Cup

A handy and stylish mug for your everyday travels and each travel mug comes with a grey silicon band and matching silicon lid.

A great gift for that coffee lover who is always on the go. Why have to drink your morning drink out of a plastic travel cup when you could have it in a beautiful ceramic mug.

Each piece is hand-thrown on my potter’s wheel in my home studio in Wiltshire. It starts from a ball of clay that is thrown on to the wheel and then the shape is formed by hand. The following day your piece is trimmed and left to slowly dry over the following week. When dry your piece is fired to bisque ware at 1000 degrees and left to cool. All my glazes are mixed up from dry ingredients to my own unique glazes. When the bisque ware is removed from the kiln I then apply the glaze from pouring and dipping the piece. The base is then wiped clean of any glaze and put into the kiln for its final firing to 1260 degrees. Once cooled I unload your piece from the kiln and it is carefully wrapped in paper bubble wrap, tissue paper and placed into an eco friendly box protected with corn-starch loose fill. I try and keep all packaging to a minimum but wrap it safely and as kind to the environment as possible. They are then safe to travel to their new homes.


Rim - 8.5cm

Height - 10cm

Volume - 400ml

Glaze - Midnight Blue

Microwave and Dishwasher Safe