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Lincoln Coffee - Guatemala

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Renardo Ovalle's Finca La Bolsa farm in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala


Red Bourbon & Red Caturra




1300 - 1600 masl

Roast Profile


Lincoln Coffee

Notes of Tropical Fruit and Floral

Coffee Facts

SCA Score - 86

This coffee is produced in La Bolsa, a 108-hectare farm located in the heart of the Huehuetenango region. Renardo Ovalle is the proud owner of this farm, he is the third generation in his family to produce coffee. Renardo is supported by his wife Jacqueline, who is a Q grader. Jacqueline uses her Q grading to help Renardo distinguish certain characteristics and defines profiles of the coffee they produce.

The Ovalle family has instilled a humanist approach by getting involved in many social projects. A care facility for the workers’ children was created, they provide balanced meals and even pay a higher wage than most of the other farms in the country. The human dimension is still a priority concern for the producer. Today, the Ovalle family is one of the most recognised Guatemalan families in the world of specialty coffee. Their coffees have Cup of Excellence awards and are well-positioned among the world’s most renowned roasts.