Lot61 - Ethiopia

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Smallholders of Kebele village near Teraga in the Uraga region in the Guji zone of Ethiopia






2350 masl

Roast Profile



Notes of Grape and Redcurrant

Coffee Facts

SCA Score - 87.5

This coffee is processed at Sookoo Coffee’s Raro Nensebo Washing Station, located in Raro Nansebo village in Uraga.

Sookoo Coffee is run by Ture Waji, famously known as ‘The King of Guji' and produces multiple lots across 2 drying stations.

The cherries for this lot are farmed by a community of washing station registered outgrowers in the Kebele (village) of Teraga.  The word Laayyoo refers to the indigenous tree growing in this area, used for shade on coffee plantations. Its deep roots allow for the falling leaves to offer rich, nutrient dense compost, acting also as a fertiliser for the coffee.

Ture Waji takes time between harvests to educate farmers on good agricultural practices to help improve the quality of their cherry. His company provides pre-harvest loans to farmers who, for example, need to pay labor to do maintenance on the farm, such as weeding and planting. Although we cannot draw a direct relation, this access to finance should mean that smallholder farmers need to draw less upon their family members, including their children. The washing stations employ a ‘woman-first’ policy and the company has built a school for the children. Roads have also been built to improve the infrastructure.