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Machina - Guatemala

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Brand Machina

Aurelio Villatoro's Finca Villaure farm in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala


Bourbon & Caturra




1380 - 1750 masl

Roast Profile

Filter / Espresso


Notes of Milk Chocolate, Nuts and Apple / Orange Zest

Coffee Facts

Villaure comes from an area called Huehuetenango, which is arguably the best coffee growing region in the country. With altitudes over 2,000 meters, Huehue is the highest and driest region of Guatemala. It is only one of three regions without volcanic soil. Historically, it has been one of the more remote areas of the country and accessibility has been challenging. In the past, many farmers have used oxen or have carried their coffees on their back. Huehuetenango enjoys easy access to water sources, enabling many producers to process their own coffee.

The farm was originally purchased by Aurelio in 1986, after having worked on his fathers farm in his younger years. The farms name is a combination of his first and last names: ’Vill’, from Villatoro and ‘Aure’ from Aurelio. Since day one, he worked hard and dedicated his time to producing high quality coffee. He has been awarded many national and international awards. Villaure has competed in the Cup of Excellence four times. He has also been awarded by Illy as the Best Farmer in Guatemala and Best Farmer in Huehuetenango.