Manumit - Uganda Honey

Brought to you by Dog and Hat!


Members of the Zukuka Bora cooperative in the Namatyo Falls region of East Uganda


SL14 and SL28




1500 - 1950 masl

Roast Profile



Notes of Stone Fruits, Brown sugar and Milk Chocolate

Coffee Facts

A delicious coffee from our friends at Zukuka Bora, roasted on our Diedrich by our amazing survivors in Cardiff.

This is a honey processed coffee from the area of Namatyo Falls in East Uganda with Zukuka Bora- a coffee cooperative with whom we have strong connections. This is a limited edition coffee with only 10 sacks available.

‘We aim to be ‘more than fairtrade’ – Our farmers receive training, tools and personal advice. They receive top-rate prices for their quality coffee, they receive bonuses based on our sales and are stakeholders in the company.

We stand together in times of crisis, and we work alongside our partner organisation, JENGA Uganda, to deliver community-wide benefits such as; healthcare training, education sponsorship, and community savings groups.