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Melitta Molino Electric Grinder


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If you are new to our Speciality whole-bean coffee subscription, you may be looking for a coffee grinder to start your journey with.

Here we have the Melitta Molino, an entry level burr grinder that can help you get the best out of your whole-bean coffee.

Do take a look at our blog post for our thoughts and testing of this grinder.

Individual degree of grinding with 17 settings

This grinder allows you to control individual grind settings with 17 available settings. The available grind settings are 1 (very fine) to 17 (very coarse). This means the Melitta Molino can grind finely for espresso roast beans up to coarse grind for filter coffee machines and cafetières.

Coffee quantity settings for 2-14 cups

The rotary switch for setting the number of cups makes it easy to choose the right amount for 2-14 cups of coffee. The Melitta Molino then grinds the selected quantity of coffee.

Professional disc grinder with removable grinding disc

The grind size is selected by moving the rotating switch which sets the distance between the two grinding discs - meaning a uniform degree of grinding is achieved. The construction design and the powerful motor guarantee excellent grinding in the shortest time.

Maximum capacity 200g of coffee beans

The Melitta Molino bean container has a removable lid and is easy to fill with a maximum 200g of coffee beans.

Easy to clean

Thanks to individual parts which are removable (removable grinding disc, removable coffee grounds container, and removable bean container lid) the Melitta Molino is quick and easy to clean after use.

Automatic switch off

As soon as grinding quantity is complete, the Melitta Molino switches off automatically.