Mio - Brazil 1911

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The Pellicer family's Mio farm in Monte Santo de Minas in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil


Yellow Catucai




1100 masl

Roast Profile


Mio / Assembly

Notes of Cherry, Almond Nougat and Milk Chocolate

Coffee Facts

SCA Score - 84.5

In 1911, Fioravante Pellicer bought Fazenda Barreiro, his first patch of land in Monte Santo de Minas. Over the years, the farm has grown, changed its name to Mió, and its owners are his grandson Carlos and his wife, Renata.

The farm spans a total of 1,589 hectares. A third of the land is used for the coffee processing and milling facilities, some pasture areas and the plantation of eucalyptus trees, which is home to some lovely bees. The rest of the land is equally divided between the coffee trees and the native forest reserve. With plenty of spring water in the estate, one of Mió’s responsibilities is to not only maintain the water flow but to also improve water quality.

We pride ourselves on a 100% traceability guarantee for the entire crop every year. Each stage of the journey, from where the cherries were harvested, which trucks moved them, how and when they were processed, is tracked using satellite imagery. Being a technology-driven farm improves the farmworkers’ quality of life, ensures an abundant harvest and guarantees the highest processing standards for the crop.

The coffee trees are planted, cared for and harvested by some fantastic people. The coffee beans undergo either Natural or Honey processing at the farm and are then dried to achieve the desired humidity. They rest in wood silos, before being hulled and separated by density. All these decisions are made with the farm's Q-Grader to achieve the desired cup profile for that batch. The coffee leaves the estate at this point and heads over to Mió’s partner, Peneira Alta. The coffee is then sorted by size using an oscillating screen grader and an optical-electronic sorter that selects the coffee beans by colour.

This coffee has been sourced directly from Ana Luiza Pellicer and roasted for us by Nick Mabey at Assembly Coffee in London