Mission Coffee Works - Guatemala [Roast date:13.05.24]



Finca El Rincón, Vides Family


Fully Washed


Fully Washed


1250 - 1800 MASL

Roast Profile


Tasting Notes

Pear juice, yellow plum, butterscotch

Coffee Facts

Finca El Rincón sits in the corner of a valley of limestone hills, and so is protected from warm, dry winds and climate fluctuations. The climate is very stable with high relative humidity, which, along with the chalky soils of Huehuetenango. All these conditions play a crucial role in the origination of the inherent  flavour character of this coffee.

The coffee from this producer is a true tale of family commitment and dedication. Roberto Molina acquired Finca El Rincón in 1956 and immediately began to plant caturra, bourbon and catuaí coffee plants. Around the same time, Roberto’s cousin, Jorge Vides, also bought a coffee farm and they were developing their productions together. Jorge later went on to be named a distinguished coffee grower by the National Coffee Association in Guatemala, Anacafé. 

After Roberto passed away in 2012, his wife Yolanda Garrido de Molina continued to work the farm. Roberto’s nephews from the Vides family took over the farm and production in 2016 and are still producing outstanding coffees. The Vides family manage their farms with close attention to its impact on society, agricultural processes, and the environment. They make sure to help develop the local communities, improve its farming practices in line with the Rainforest Alliance, and work on conserving ecosystems by protecting wildlife, the efficient use of water, and avoiding deforestation.

The team at Finca El Rincón are harvesting with manual selective picking which means that they pick only the ripest cherries. After picking, the coffee cherries are depulped and fermented for around 24 hours before being washed. It is then spread on the patio for 16 days and when it’s dry and in the right humidity range, the coffee is put in bags and stored in warehouses before being shipped to the UK.