Mission - Colombia [DECAF]

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Monte Bonito near Cerro Bravo in the Tolima region of Colombia


Caturra, Castillo & Colombia


Washed & E.A. Decaffeinated


1700 masl

Roast Profile


Tasting Notes

Notes of Black Cherry, Milk Chocolate and Roasted Hazelnut

Coffee Facts

The small town of Monte Bonito has a population of less than a thousand inhabitants. The town still holds onto the traditions of the campesinos (peasant country farmers) and provides a living view into the history of farming life in the high Andes of Colombia.

Most of the coffee growers from this region, are very small with only between 1 – 3 hectares each, so they group together to help each other. In this group there are 89 associates but they are responsible for the full management of their own farms and pick the coffee themselves, only asking for help from their neighbours when needed.

During the harvest the coffee is picked, depulped and left to ferment for between 16 to 18 hours. The next day the coffee is washed ready for drying. Some of the farmers have ´drying areas on the roof of their house, others have drying beds on a moving rail system and the rest have parabolic tents for drying the coffee for between 10 -14 days depending on the climate. After this the coffee is delivered to the Manizales Cooperative collection point in town. Here it is assessed and separated according to quality and the producers receive additional payments for producing good quality beans. There is also an extra premium for producers who deliver the coffee to the Cooperative wit a moisture content below 11%. From the collection point the coffee then travels to the cooperative warehouse in Manizales where it is stored.