Mission - Rwanda

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Smallholders at the Kirambo washing station in the Nyamasheke district of Western Rwanda


Red Bourbon




1545 masl

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Notes of Raspberry Jam & Cane Sugar

Coffee Facts

SCA Score - 87

Kirambo coffee washing station sits on a hill with land stretching to the shores of lake Kivu.

The station was constructed in 2008. For many years it was not operating in stability because the owner did not have financing for working capital, and the station was rented out to different people every year. For all those years, farmers lacked a consistent partner who would support them beyond buying coffee cherries. Rwanda Trading Company (RTC) purchased Kirambo in 2017 and operated it for the first time in 2018.

This year alone, all farmers are being registered to enrol in RTC’s farmer impact programmes and training for certification. The quality of the coffee and the openness of the coffee farmers at Kirambo have allowed RTC to produce high cupping fully washed and natural coffee at Kirambo.

For this particular lot, the harvested cherries are delivered to the Kirambo station and then floated and separated to remove any defective cherries. The coffee is then dried on the raised African beds of about 2cm of thickness for up to 30 days with regular turning each hour and covering during night time.