Moonroast - Peru - Single Origin (450g CHARITY SALE)


Roast date : 20th February
What's this all about then?

This month, we encountered some logistical issues with our coffee deliveries.  One of which, was that our amazing Moonroast Peru Tunki was mis-routed and randomly ended up in an Amazon warehouse the size of 11 football pitches in the Midlands.  We thought it was lost forever and reordered.... however, shortly after returning from the Post Office to drop off the March subscriptions, what should arrive on our doorstep?  Yes, you've guessed it, Toby from Amazon's warehouse had found and re-routed our misguided Moonroast.

The upshot is, we are now offering you a chance to get your hands on 450g of this cracking coffee for a bargain price with the proceeds going to support our charity efforts... It's one of Su's favourite coffees, so get it while it's fresh and before she drinks it all.



The Tambopata Valley in the Andes of Peru


Peru Green Tunki


Washed and sundried,


1600 - 1800 masl

Roast Profile



Medium roasted with flavour notes of nutty chocolate - floral aroma and juicy sweetness 

Coffee Facts

The name Tunki comes from the locally found wild bird.

The coffee is traditionally farmed by hand. Situated high in the mountains amongst the most beautiful flora and fauna of the Tambopata Valley, the coffee beans are fed and washed by pure spring waters, then patio dried by the indigenous Quechua and 'Aymara' speaking families.

The beans are organically shade grown, not only safeguarding the habitat of many migratory wildlife, but also encouraging the cherrys to ripen slower, allowing the acidity to develop in the be.

225g bag