Neighbourhood Coffee - Nicaragua

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The Julio & Octavio Prealta's Finca Santa Maria del Lourdes farm in the Nueva Segovia region of Nicaragua




Red Honey


1400 - 1600 masl

Roast Profile



Notes of Apple, Blackberry, Caramel

Coffee Facts

Finca Santa Maria del Lourdes is a farm situated close to the Honduras border, in Nueva Segovia region of Nicaragua. Nestled within lush, dense forest that covers the rolling hills, it’s a great place to grow specialty coffee, particularly under the watchful eyes of the Peralta family. They have been farming coffee for almost a century, and in the last decade, they have built up a justifiable world-renowned reputation for producing spectacular coffees.

This coffee is a red honey process, so at the San Igancaio dry mill, it undergoes several stages of pulping, drying, and turning to ensure even drying over 18-20 days. Some of the fruity layer is left on, giving it the complex fruit flavours and rich sweetness. This fruity layer goes sticky as it dries, hence the ‘honey’ name.

If you wanted a coffee to remind you of Autumn, then this is perfect. Toffee apples, cider toffee, butterscotch, blackberry, red cherry… the list goes on and on. It’s suitable for all types of brewing, but espresso, Aeropress and V60 are where it will shine.