Nero Scuro - Colombia

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Cafè Granja La Esperanza farm near Buesaco in the Narino region of Colombia




Washed & Dry Fermented


1850 masl

Roast Profile

Filter / Espresso

Nero Scuro

Notes of Pink Grapefruit, Light Caramel, Almond and Vanilla

Coffee Facts

Cafè Granja La Esperanza, famous for producing high-quality specialty microlots in the Nariño area, has promoted an association of twenty coffee farmers, including Granja themselves, in the area of Buesaco. They focus their production on fair trade practices and, thanks to the type of production land and the microclimate, on the quality of the products.

The cherries of the lot Lagunas de Nariño have been collected from such farms. Cafè Granja la Esperanza actively coordinated the farmers to obtain a superior cup profile through proper producing techniques and post-harvesting approaches.

This lot has been prepared as fully washed. After the hand-picking, the cherries have been firstly "dry fermented": after being pulped, the cherries were placed into soaking tanks without water for 16 and 18 hours. After fermentation, the beans were completely washed to remove the mucilage. Finally, the coffee was sun-dried on raised beds and stirred several times during the day to achieve uniform drying.

The coffee has notes of light caramel, almond, vanilla, pink grapefruit. Very balanced, with good body, it is available for both, espresso and filter extractions, roasted with a profile crafted to heighten the characteristics of this great lot.