Nero Scuro - Honduras Natural [ESPRESSO] - extra bag


Shipping from 6th November 


Produced by Caballero Marysabel in Marcala area of Honduras.






1560 masl

Roast Profile


Right Side

Notes of ripe fruit, brown sugar and prunes   

Coffee Facts

Marysabel Caballero and her husband Moises Herrera are third-generation coffee farmers, who continue the tradition of the Caballero family, known for paving the way for specialty coffee culture in the Marcala area of Honduras.

They have consistently produced high-quality specialty coffee over the past twenty years. In doing so, caballeros have contributed to the high-quality reputation of the best Honduran coffees. Today they manage more than 200 hectares of coffee, divided into 17 plantations, all capable of producing lots of exceptional quality.

Caballeros are strongly focused on the environmental sustainability of coffee production. For example, they produce organic fertilizer from cow and chicken manure mixed with pulp of coffee cherries and other organic materials. This is used together with mineral fertilizer to provide coffee plants with a proper mix of nutrients. To create biodiversity on farms and ensure good growing conditions and shade for coffee plants, oranges, avocados, flowers, bananas and other fruits are also grown.

Las Lomas is the newest plantation in the Caballero collection. It is located at an altitude of 1560 metres above sea level.

The cherries were harvested strictly by hand and selected by trained pickers to separate the perfect ones from the overripe or unripe ones.

The drying of natural coffees is a challenging process in the Marcala area due to the humid climate and the frequent rains that can occur during the drying period. Moises has worked hard over the years to refine the process. Ripe cherry is harvested and dried on covered raised beds. Initially the cherry layer must be particularly thin but, as the drying process proceeds, the thickness can be increased. Depending on the temperatures, cherries can take up to 40 days to dry, allowing the grains to absorb maximum complexity and sweetness from the fruit.

In the cup: notes of ripe fruit, brown sugar, plums. Hint of fermented, creamy body.


Shipping from 6th November