New Ground - Uganda

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Smallholders near Bukhanakwa in the Mt Elgon region of Uganda






1900 - 2100 masl

Roast Profile


New Ground

Notes of Lemon Sherbet, Wine Gums and Black Cherry

Coffee Facts

We love coffee. We love the people of Mt Elgon. Put the two together and what do you get? A fabulous (if we do say so ourselves...) coffee company who really do put farmers and their families at the heart of what we do.

A lot of mud, sweat, and plenty of smiles go into working directly alongside Mt Elgon farmers to produce some of the best quality Arabica coffee in the world.

Our motivation is to see our farmers properly rewarded for their efforts and to see the pride in their work restored. With that driving all our efforts we're determined to put Ugandan speciality coffee back on the map. We work to connect our farmers with coffee lovers all around the world so that they themselves can finally benefit from this wonderful crop.

Bukhanakwa is situated on the far side of Mt. Wanale, with breath-taking views over Mt. Elgon and the surrounding foothills. It’s therefore not surprising that Bukhanakwa coffee has a breath-taking taste! Isolated an hour’s walk through the forest, we go out of our way to buy their coffee. Once you’ve had a cup, it will be obvious why.