Nonis Coffee - Stroudie Brew

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Esperanza Coronado Delgado's farm near La Coipa in the San Ignacio region of Peru






1850 masl

Roast Profile


Tasting Notes

Notes of Baking Chocolate, Dates and Muscovado Sugar

Coffee Facts

This coffee has been specifically selected for Stroud and the people of Stroud who support all the amazing local independent businesses of Stroud.

The colours are drawn from the Stroud coat of arms. The green is for the water that drew all the weavers to the area and the red represents the Stroud scarlet that Stroud became famous for and the red cloths which were left to dry on the hills, also red is Las Fresas; the name of the farm that this coffee from, named due to the wild strawberries growing near by in this region.

This coffee is grown organically at 1850 MASL by Esperanza Coronado Delgado and her husband and son in their local town; La Coipa.

The fertiliser used in this area is a mix of compost and ‘guano de las Isla'; which is excrement from the local bird population that reside on islands just off the coast.