North Star - Nicaragua

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Edwin Burgos García's farm in the Jinotega region of Northern Nicaragua


Caturra, Catuai & Java




1200 - 1250 masl

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North Star

Notes of Cantaloupe Melon, Red Apple and Caramel

Coffee Facts

The coffee industry in Nicaragua has undergone periods of turmoil that have hindered the development of the speciality sector in the country. This farm is sadly one that has had its fair share of unrest – it was initially part of a big 210-hectare hacienda called Los Pozitos, owned by the Estatanges Family. In the 1980’s, during the Sandinista rule, the land was confiscated by the government and distributed between 60 members of the Mauricio Altamirano Cooperative.

This period of political unrest meant many experienced farmers fled the country to escape the conflict, leading to a decline of the industry. When the political scene changed, the government tried to compensate the former owners by returning part of the original property back to the Estanges. Bit by bit, many members of the coop sold their parts of the land back to neighbours or other interested parties. It was in this manner that Edwin managed to acquire 35 hectares of the land in 2009 which he decided to call Los Pozitos in honour of the original owners.

Sadly, what with the devastating effects of Hurricane Mitch followed by a prolonged world coffee crisis with 6 years of market lows, Nicaragua has had a fairly turbulent journey with the development of its coffee industry. When Edwin came by the land, it had been left abandoned and forgotten and getting it up and running again was going to be no easy task. Over the last decade, he has managed to renovate the entire plantation working with traditional varieties in the interest of producing outstanding cupping coffee. Since his ownership, not only has the quality improved but also the yield with 10 times the amount of coffee now being produced.

The last two years have been particularly challenging with the recent political strikes which have seen hundreds of people killed – there are demonstrations still ongoing making the coffee supply chain more challenging than usual. This coffee is a great example of all that is delicious about Nicaraguan coffee and we hope you spare a thought when brewing it for those courageous individuals who have lost their lives in peaceful protests whilst simply trying to fight for a better Nicaragua.