North Star - Peru

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San Pedro de Churuyaca in the Tabacones District of Cajamarca in the Northern highlands of Peru


Caturra and Bourbon




1850 masl

Roast Profile


North Star

Notes of Nectarine, Peach & Milk Chocolate

Coffee Facts

Recent years in Peru have seen a turn towards speciality coffee with many farmers adapting their process to improve the quality of the cup.

One such example is Señor Fredy Bermeo who inherited 5 hectares of land from his dad in around 2002 but has been focusing his efforts on quality coffee production since 2011. The nature of Peru’s terroir leads to the existence of many different micro climates that can produce really interesting flavours in the coffee if it is well looked after.

Fredy processes all of his coffee on his farm in his own micro wet mill and works in challenging conditions to get his lots dried evenly and slowly. His efforts have certainly paid off as he entered one of his lots into the 2017 Cup of Excellence competition where it achieved an incredible 3rd place – a feat definitely worth celebrating given the calibre and high standards of that competition.

We are delighted to be finding more and more younger farmers like Fredy who really are grasping the opportunities of speciality coffee production with both hands and we hope you love the results!