North Star - Sumatra

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Pak Irham's Atu Lingtang farm in the Aceh region of Sumatra






1600 masl

Roast Profile


Tasting Notes

Notes of Dried Fruit, Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut

Coffee Facts

SCA Score - 85

Head of Coffee Liam stumbled across this tasty washed lot somewhat by accident, hidden amongst a table of more ‘typical’ Indonesian profiles destined to feature in our house blend, The Docks. After learning more about this mystery lot and finding a gap within our base coffee offering, we felt this would be the perfect addition to our line-up of sweet and balanced beauties.

Iwannitosa (Iwan) Putra is an enterprising coffee farmer based in Atu Lintang, Tankengon district. He’s been dedicated to solely producing specialty grade coffee since 2015 and heads up a group of 440 micro entrepreneurs local to the area. Iwan invested heavily in his farm, constructing a wet mill and covered drying infrastructure so that he can have direct control over the processing of cherry bought from his self-titled farmer group. He has a real passion for excellence, sharing his extensive farming knowledge with those he works alongside through in-house training on agronomy best practice and cherry selection. As such, he and his farmers have an extremely strict tolerance for cherry selection, only selecting the ripest and highest quality cherries for processing to maintain quality. These cherries are then pulped, fermented overnight and all floaters are removed. He then washes and soaks the coffee for 24 hours. After soaking, the coffee is dried on raised beds until the optimum moisture content has been reached.

This lot is a North Star first, having never featured a single origin Indonesian coffee on our offer list before. You can expect a clean coffee that doesn’t portray the more earthy and herbal characteristics semi-washed Sumatran lots tends to portray. Instead, expect a round and versatile coffee that oozes tasty notes of dried fruit, dark chocolate and hazelnuts with undertones of sweet spice. Enjoy this one with or without milk and best served using metal filter brewing methods.