Old Spike - Colombia [DECAF]

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Shady and Elias Bayter's El Vergel farm in the Cauca region of Colombia




Washed & E.A. Decaffeinated


1450 masl

Roast Profile


Tasting Notes

Notes of Cane Sugae, Hazelnut and Milk Chocolate

Coffee Facts

Over recent years, the quality of decaffeinated coffee has come on leaps and bounds. With the same care and attention decaf's caffeinated counterpart receives, we are now seeing some decaf coffees surpass quality scores and grades of caffeinated coffee.

Shady and Elias Bayter of Forest Coffee and El Vergel are not only no exception to this, but instead are also champions in the field of producing exceptional decaffeinated coffee.

EA is a method native to Colombia by using fermented molasses from domestically grown sugar cane. This means the coffee is harvested, pulped and washed in the exact same way as our regular El Vergel, with a final step of adding water and steam to the coffee. This causes the beans to swell which allows the fermented molasses to dissolve the caffeine. Totally natural, just how we like it.

El Vergel speaks for itself as one of the best decaf coffees around. You can expect a light sugar cane sweetness on the nose with roasted hazelnut and a long, creamy milk chocolate finish.

*225g bag